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Lange broekweg 60
2671 DW Naaldwijk
+31 6 535 909 80

Joflor collection

Joflor has a wide assortment of products and strives to continuously innovate in our assortment. The plants have different models, such as a bow, T-model, Waterfall, Cascade and 1 or 2 branches. The Phalaenopsis orchids have the name “Wonder” or “Magic”, followed by the color, such as Wonder Pink.

There are several holidays, such as Valentine's Day, Women's Day, Christmas, Mother's Day and Easter, when the plants are extra popular. New labels and new covers for our pots are designed annually for these themes. Additionally, the Phalaenopsis orchids can be supplied in a ceramic pot with a matching colour. The covers of our pots and our labels are both made of biologically degradable materials.