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Temperature & Light l The Phalaenopsis orchid grows well at normal room temperatures, preferably between 18 and 22 degrees. Put the plant in a clear, light spot, but avoid direct sunlight in the summer months (april until august). This allows the leaves to color yellow. The failure of flower buds or leaves can indicate a lack of light.

Water & Nutrition l Water the ground of the Phalaenopsis orchid once a week (minis twice a week). Immerse the grow pot in a layer of water for ten minutes. This is sufficient time for the roots to take up the water. After that, you can put the Phalaenopsis orchid back in the ornamental pot. Please note that no water should remain in the ornamental pot; the Phalaenopsis orchid doesn’t like wet feet! For optimal flowering pleasure, you give the Phalaenopsis orchid nutrition of Pokon or Culvita once a month.